Monday, December 31, 2012

Lingerie makes me feel great

Adriana Lima has shared the essential lingerie items she is hoping to receive over the holidays.

Adriana Lima says great lingerie is an "essential" for her over the festive season.

The Victoria's Secret model shared the things which really help her feel in the holiday spirit.

Adriana said just as she likes to receive gifts she equally enjoys giving them to others.

"It's is the time for giving, and what I would like for myself, and also what I would like to give to my friends and family is some lingerie!" Adriana revealed to Modelinia. "It's is an essential part of a women's life, and it really helps boost your confidence."

The catwalk star also revealed her favourite lingerie items she loves to receive. Adriana gushed that she is a sucker for anything red and lacy.

"One of the things I actually used in the show was the Angel pushup bra, which I love because it is perfect for the holidays!" Adriana exclaimed. "I love all of the lace because I'm a girly girl and red is the definitely the colour for Christmas, plus it's very sexy."

The sexy star shared her style tips for the festive party season. She explained how starting with good underwear is key to looking fabulous all season.

"For a woman, it's definitely very important what you wear under your clothes," she finished. "So I think that's the most important thing - what you wear underneath."

Adam Lambert Doesn't Have Nice Things to Say About the 'Les Mis' Cast

The *American Idol* alum says the film is filled with "great actors PRETENDING to be singers." Burn.

Here's What New Year's Eve on TV is Like

Ryan Seacrest, Carson Daly, and Anderson Cooper are all hosting very well televised parties. Plus our tips on virtual party crashing via webcam.

'Till the Credits Do Us Part

When our favorite stars don't get together in real-life, there's always the movies.

Madonna and a Bunch of Other Oldsters Dominated This Year's Top 10 Tours

Justin Bieber didn't even crack the top 20!

'Django' vs. 'Les Miserables': Which Team Are You On?

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Is Union J the 'N Sync to One Direction's BSB?

Odds are you haven't heard of Union J — yet.

Alicia Keys Sued Over 'Girl on Fire,' Thanks to Blogger

A songwriter is suing Keys after reading about the similarities between his tune and "Girl on Fire" on the Internet.

Monday, December 17, 2012

'Gossip Girl' Finale Spoilers: Who Is Gossip Girl?

After six seasons of Upper East Side shenanigans, *Gossip Girl* finally revealed the identity of its mystery blogger. XOXO.

Who Wore It Best? — Miley Cyrus vs. Mad Max vs. A Raiders Fan

Call us crazy, but Miley may have had some help creating her VH1 Divas outfit.

Listen to Lady Gaga's Jazzy Rendition of 'Yoü and I' With Brian Newman

Lady Gaga could always be a nightclub singer if the whole pop star thing ever gets tired.

Who Wore It Better? — Miley Cyrus vs. Mad Max vs. A Raiders Fan

Call us crazy, but Miley may have had some help creating her VH1 Divas outfit.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Have 'No Future' Says Body Language Expert

Just because they're both good looking, doesn't mean they're meant for each other.

Jennifer Lawrence Will Host 'SNL,' and the 'Star Trek' Sequel Has an Epic New Trailer

Also: James Franco has a new pursuit, Anne Hathaway divulges secret information, and Scorsese finds new source material.

8 Hilarious Britney Spears 'X Factor' Gifs

She makes the BEST faces.

Honey Boo Boo's Celebrity Crush Is...

Hint: Selena Gomez and Honey Boo Boo apparently have something in common.

Kristen Stewart Kinda Opens Up About Summer Cheating Scandal

The actress hints that her dalliances have actually made her stronger. Wonder if Robert Pattinson agrees.

The Rolling Stones Are Probably Playing Coachella

Unless someone on the Stones' team is playing a cruel joke, the living legends are likely to headline the festival next April.

'1600 Penn' Review: A Very Funny First Family

If *Modern Family* took place in the White House, it might look a little something like *1600 Penn*.

'Gossip Girl' Finale Speculation: Who is Gossip Girl?!

Let's make some wild guesses before tonight's big finale!

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Are Having a Baby!

The actress definitely *looked* pregnant at the Vh1 Divas event Sunday, but the couple didn't confirm the news until today.

The Spice Girls Might Forge On Without Posh

Rumor has it these four are seeking a replacement for Victoria Beckham.

Kristen Stewart Wasn't Fond of That Underwear Dress Either

You know that dress—the skivvies-showing one that Kristen Stewart wore on the red carpet last week? Well, apparently she wasn't a big fan of it either.

James Franco Wrote Poems About Lindsay Lohan

Franco talked to MTV about Lohan's cameo in a music video he directed, explaining that she's inspired some of his poems about Los Angeles.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Watch: Lady Gaga Sings 'Gimme Shelter' with the Rolling Stones

The performance fulfilled one of Gaga's life dreams.

Kelly Clarkson Is Engaged!

The singer tweeted that boyfriend Brandon Blackstock popped the question Friday, the "happiest" night of her life!

See Jessica Simpson as a Bridesmaid at Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison's Wedding

Was Simpson hiding her pregnancy at her BFF's wedding?

9 TV Couples Who Should Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Forget the 'will they or won't they' drama and just make out already!

Deadmau5 Proposes to Kat Von D on Twitter, She Accepts

The pair split in early November, but apparently they've patched things up in a big way.

140 Characters Can Say So Much

Jessica Biel shares a snack secret, Rihanna has it rough, Ke$ha makes news, and much more.

Deadmau5 Proposes to Kat Von D on Twitter, She Accepts

The pair split in early November, but apparently they've patched things up in a big way.